DRED Solar Controller – Air Conditioning

DRED Solar Controller - Air Conditioning
DRED Solar Controller - Air Conditioning top

DRED Solar Controller – Air Conditioning


Paladin DRED Control or PDC
A Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) to run your air conditioning unit off excess solar without drawing power from the grid.

The PDC was developed to help solar owners consume more of the power produced by the solar array. Drops in FIT rates and limiting export values have left many solar owners in a position where they cannot export or are disappointed with their returns.

Home owners with gas water heating, air conditioning and a solar array will benefit greatly with a PDC as they have no other way to consume their solar power production apart from normal house load.

The PDC’s unique software and A/I monitor the grid value of export, and once the export power reaches 50% of the AC Compressor rating it will start the AC.

As the excess solar increases, the PDC will move the AC up to 75% and then to 100% of the power rating.

We don’t live in perfect sunny conditions. So as the house load changes or passing clouds affect the solar production the PDC will react by putting the AC into a different DRED state. That is, dropping the power values down as solar production decreases and vice versa.

Simply turn on your air conditioner in the morning, and set the desired temperature.

Turn the PDC to auto and walk out the door to your daily routine. The PDC will manage the AC all day without drawing mains power. Set it and forget it.

Come home to a cool dry home without the need to turn your AC on max, often late in the afternoon drawing large amounts of mains power at a high cost.

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