Solar Power Diverter & Controller

Solar Power Diverter & Controller

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Cuts to retail buy-back rates have prompted us to find new ways to increase solar self-consumption through hot water heating rather than exporting to the grid.

The Paladin Solar Power Diverter & Management System redirects surplus solar energy into a hot water cylinder, to increase the amount of generation used on-site.

Utilising fast grid analysis, the Paladin Solar Power Diverter & Management System knows exactly what is moving on your mains connect, to the Watt. It then passes excess PV to the hot water heater to reduce any export to effective zero.

The base model can also control under floor heating, spa pool heaters, and storage heaters. Future releases will include an “AC Battery” (already under test), and Electric Vehicle charging (now under test).


    This was the best decision we made when we decided to put solar panels on our roof. Electricity usage we pay for has dropped from 32kW a day to between 8 and 11. Our electricity bill has halved!
    Thanks Mark. Your product is amazing. We love coming home to see how much electricity we generated that day.
    This is a brilliant system, and should be compulsory for every solar panel system purchased

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